Icons and signs made to order


Commissioned icons made in the traditional Christian Orthodox style.

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Signs of The Way

Custom signs for the Neocatechumenal Way including ambo covers, candles, bible covers and more.

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Carved icons, crosses, sculptures and other Christian images.

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St. John the Baptist


Holy Trinity

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Iconography is

  • Beauty

    Beauty is a reflection of God's love for us. Icons aim to project this love to everyone who looks upon them.

  • Sacred

    Icons are windows into the divine, that which we cannot reach without God's grace, a glimpse into what awaits us upon entering into His eternal embrace.

  • Eternal

    Icons are just as mortal as we are, and yet also like us they are made in the image of the One who is eternity himself, the One who through His immense love has made himself mortal so as to grant us the gift of immortality.

  • Love

    Just as God so loved His creation and made us in His image, just so is an icon a manifestation of the iconographer's own self. His/her graces, sins, joys, doubts, victories and defeats are all interwoven into every stroke and thread.

  • LIFE

Daniel and Viviana Cervantes

Daniel has been painting icons and creating signs for The Way since 2016. He lives in California with his wife Viviana and their two boys Juan and Jacob. As a family they endeavor to bring the message of God's love to all those around them and to proclaim Christ's Resurrection through their icons and their testimony.

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